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Life, Loss, and Moving Forward

Written 2 months ago

Well, hello...

It's been a long while since I've posted. Yes, I'm fickle and yes, I don't tend to stick with things till the day I die but I do enjoy having a little space of my own to post when I feel the need, desire, or just want to have a soap box to stand on.

In all seriousness, I've had more change since September of last year than ever. I'll just dive in so pardon my lack of building up the storyline...

To begin, we had little guy in 2011 and life went haywire. Two kids?! Who knew one was easier? I feel crazy for ever complaining about that (only child) little girl! He has added SUCH excitement and laughter to our life.. Not sure what to do WITH him but we couldn't go a day without that lil' munchie..
Second, we decided to sell our "10 year plan" home. It had only been 3 years. We weren't making the home repair progress we had hoped. Also, we came to the conclusion that a two-story home was not working for our l…

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