Saturday, July 20, 2013

Life, Loss, and Moving Forward

Written 2 months ago

Well, hello...

It's been a long while since I've posted. Yes, I'm fickle and yes, I don't tend to stick with things till the day I die but I do enjoy having a little space of my own to post when I feel the need, desire, or just want to have a soap box to stand on.

In all seriousness, I've had more change since September of last year than ever. I'll just dive in so pardon my lack of building up the storyline...

To begin, we had little guy in 2011 and life went haywire. Two kids?! Who knew one was easier? I feel crazy for ever complaining about that (only child) little girl! He has added SUCH excitement and laughter to our life.. Not sure what to do WITH him but we couldn't go a day without that lil' munchie..
Second, we decided to sell our "10 year plan" home. It had only been 3 years. We weren't making the home repair progress we had hoped. Also, we came to the conclusion that a two-story home was not working for our little fam. We needed less space. A small space where the kiddos could interact both in and around the entire house. We were on a mission. We had a list of things that were a must-have in the new house. For once, we were NOT going to waiver on that list. The FSBO sign went out, the first call came in that evening. I had just listed our home on Zillow. Next thing we knew, (that was a Thursday) Saturday we had an awesome offer. We began the moving shuffle. Home Inspection, House Hunting, Repair Lists, and Packing... uhhhhhgggggk, packing.. Sheesh! We kept packing and paccckkking and pacccccckkkkkiiinnng! If it wasn't for the 5 pizza loving, beer drinking, extraordinary group of men we call our friends, we would not have made it out of there on time. Many challenges followed but they have definitely been overshadowed by the next chapter of life I was about to face.  A chapter I had thought about but never understood the magnitude.
My brother Adam; my overprotective, life-of-the-party, highly inappropriate, passionate, compassionate, dear sweet brother passed after our move. He had faced a few challenges in his youth. Definitely lived and learned. He had acknowledged that. Ultimately, he contracted MRSA at one of his stints in the hospital. If you aren't familiar with it - look it up. It's a bad bug. A very life-threatening illness. Followed by feeding tubes, removal of his spleen and 60% of his pancreas. Problems only seemed to get worse. With a weakened immune system, he contracted several different intestinal infections. His body finally succumbed to his last struggle and illness. Truthfully, I'm still waiting to see him. I have not touched base with reality. I keep thinking technology is going to allow me to see into Heaven someday.. I just want to see him up there in ALL His Glory! I want to see that he made it safe. Sadly, the dust is starting to settle and I know that day will not come until my last. Just wish I could pick him up and go for a ride in my car... I feel like that's where we should be.
No doubt, life continues to roll on. I have a family, two kids and a husband to take care of. My moments of grief are brief. It's hard to not see all the evil in the world now. I'm working on my Faith and understanding. Seeing the glass half-full and not half-empty. My parents - they have a long road ahead. We were THEIR children to raise and they wanted to see us live a full life. He is now my Angel and God knows I can't wait to greet him! Love you, Adam..

So, as everyone's lives go on and so does mine. It's been a few months. Still fresh. Still managing my days as if there's no time. Still trying to sort this out. Still trying to be supportive to my parents even though I'm failing. Trying to keep my own family above water - knowing this will all be one page in the book of my kid's memories. Uncle Adam always had tea parties in bed with H and bought sweet treats for those stinkers. He even had Easter treats ready to give - he didn't get to give them.

As they say, live everyday like it's your last. Tell those you love, that you love them. This never had meaning until I lost something so close - my only sibling. He swore he'd always take care of me. I know he is!

There's where my time and energy has gone. Still trying to unpack, attempting to decorate, and definitely trying to settle into the city again. Although we weren't far out, we lived on half an acre and could walk a couple blocks to see horses. Life has had an abundance of change.

I might be regular at posting and I might not...Ultimately, I like my little space on here that I've been able to retreat to and write about things I love and enjoy doing.

2 months later

As tears roll down my face while reading this post, I realize how time passing is making it harder. I'm starting to realize it's been awhile since I saw Adam. Missing him. Wishing he'd call me for that Saturday hair cut. Wishing he'd call and say, hey Sis.

It's morning at my house. Only one kiddo is awake. I'm having my little moment of quiet time. I always tell my mom I don't cry and grieve because for goodness sakes, I don't have time in my day with two kids. I find this quiet time a blessing today.

Grieving has no time frame. You're not given a book on how this should go. I've found that thinking about him and relating life to how his life would have been is therapeutic. In relating my life to his, I started dabbling back into sewing and designing fun things. Hobbies I've always enjoyed. Hobbies I haven't been able to do for some time. In dedication and memory of Adam, I've opened KA List. A shop that will continue to exude the life and personality of my brother. I hope to inspire people and share my loss. I hope my story reminds others to care for their loved ones. Reminding them to say I love you and to always give big hugs. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BIG News!

BIG News Flash!!!!

I (Posh House Originals) will be joining the River City Trading Post October 1st!

You want treasures, they've got treasures. You want furniture, they've got furniture. You want antiques, they've got those too.

I have been shopping here since I was much younger! My good friend and I love to frequent thrift stores, junk stores, and anything with delectables like this.. I've had my name on the "list" for quite some time. They say there is a 2 year minimum wait time.....

But guess what - we are FINALLY in!!!!!!

Here are some pics of what you can expect at The River City Trading Post in Jenks, Oklahoma!

(these are not current photos. new photos soon)

Pictures Courtesy of River City Trading Post Facebook Fan Page
Pictures Courtesy of River City Trading Post Facebook Fan Page

 Lots of great artists displayed!

 Loving the green!

 Awesome Door Table!
River City Trading Post Jenks, Oklahoma
Pictures Courtesy of River City Trading Post Facebook Fan Page
Posh House Originals will be carrying select items from our Shop plus a few new River City only items!

10-6 Mon/Sat
12-6 Sun

I'll post more once my booth is up and looking cute! Can't wait to show you!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chevron Baby Shower: Dressing Up the Invitation

This weekend I had too, too much going on... Seriously, I had a good friend's baby shower, neighbor's birthday, hubby's triathlon (out of town) and the usual - KIDS! 

Patting myself on the back for making it through the weekend and I have to say, it went GREAT!

I'm feeling lately that it IS how you look at things... I've had a SUPER positive outlook on life and it seems that things are looking up! 

I did however, have to recover yesterday... Could barely get myself out of bed much less make it through the day. I said yesterday, does it count if you changed out of pj's but what you have on is still considered pj's? 

So, here's a little peek at the Baby Shower and how I dressed up the Invitation!

Invitation from Brown Paper Goods on Etsy

This is sooo easy and a must do if you are in charge of invitations!

This was my first stab at taking on Invitations for a party other than my kiddos parties.

But first, take a look.....

The hostess had adorable decorations both handmade and Etsy specials.

(Picture taken before food was on the table but) Mini cupcakes, chevron cloth, and pink pompoms were adorable!

Mini pompoms on a string, chevron party favor bags, beautiful jar of flowers, and yummy cucumber sandwiches!

The hostess ordered this chevron bunting banner and more mini pompoms!

Chevron paper party bags and ribbon!

Balloons everywhere!

LOVE the flowers!

Chevron Invitation: Orange and Pink from Brown Paper Goods

Small hole punch and ribbon

Glue Dots

Traced holes with pencils so that all holes were centered.

Pull the ribbon through from the back.

Another option: Use glue dots on the back.

I partially lined the envelopes with the polka dot paper! That added a little more personalization.

I guess I spaced out and forgot to take a picture of this process. Bummer!

Lined Envelope:
1. Trace the flap of your envelope (starting just below the seal) and make sure you cut the paper long enough to tuck just inside the pocket portion of the envelope.
2. Apply glue dots to the back of the lining paper.
3. Line up the paper with the envelope and press down on the glue dots.

** Thanks Mac for showing me how to do this! It's super simple and make a HUGE impact when your guests open up their invites!

*** For any invitation, birth announcement, and other paper products PLEASE go visit Sarah at Brown Paper Goods on Etsy. Her effort to please her customers is amazing. Sarah communicates quickly and is willing to make any changes you need. She will help you with this process until you are satisfied. I was thoroughly impressed with her customer service and very happy with my purchase! I'll be a returning customer! Thanks Sarah

Hope everyone has a great week!


Having a party........

Friday, September 21, 2012

DIY: Personalized Gift Card and Bag

I can be such a procrastinator... Not that things aren't important but I ALWAYS overestimate my time for a project. Like, "it'll only take me 20 minutes to do that so I'll get up early and take care of that..."
20 minutes = 40 minutes.... It's a mind game I play!

So, I needed to wrap up my daughter's Classroom PreK Gift from all the kiddos... She is an awesome lady by the way.. I knew I liked her when she was rockin' a Pinterest crayon wreath on Meet the Teacher night! {Sold - I know I like you} Superficial maybe, but not really..

I planned on sewing a cute chevron makeup bag to drop the gift cards in.. Remember 20=40 minutes... Didn't have 40 minutes.. I threw together a quick fabric bag and vellum birthday card with zero planning

Now, I must say - I'm Impressed with myself:) 

On top of this.... The computer and/or printer didn't fail me. It always seems that in crunch times (for me it's all the time) those stubborn minded gadgets get a little sassy with me!

Took a pic of the actual gift (located at the bottom) and then HAD to recreate this and show you how!

Keep reading to see how easy it is to print a card on vellum paper and wrap up your present!

Loving the personalized poems in each card! 

Shower Gift features a card saying, "Hugs & Kisses & Best Wishes"
Super cute poem on the second page!

Vellum Paper
Scissors or straight edge cutter
Hole Punch
Fabric (cut & sized to fit your gift)

If you aren't familiar with Picasa - you should be! Free and powered through Google. Amazing picture editing capability!

I like to take a picture of a fabric or print that coordinates with the gift.

Upload your image to Picasa.

Click Add Text. You can adjust placement, size, font, etc.

Several options to edit the image. Sepia, B/W, 1960's Cross Saturation. Lots of editing options to make these cards super unique.

Click Add Text again..

Click Museum Matte - It allows you to adjust the matte sizes and colors!
This is what makes the invitation look official.

Both printed below!

Now you have two pieces printed on vellum! 

Trim your invitation to your size preference. I like to leave a little edge for the look and adding twine or raffia.

Punch two holes for raffia bow.

String through from the back.

Tie a bow.

Trim extra and cut bow loops for a frayed appearance.

Picture of back vellum with print and poem with a double museum matte from Picasa

You can add an extra piece of vellum to keep the prints separate.

Coordinated the back poem page to match the fabric.

Now cut your 2 strips of coordinating fabric of your choice! Cut to fit your gift.

Fold over and hem one end of each piece (shortest length if you want a tall bag)

Both pieces hemmed.

Put pieces wrong side facing one another. 

Sew around the remaining 3 sides (leaving the hemmed pieces open for your bag).

Your bag! Fold right side out and iron

String twine through BACK of raffia and tie around gift bag.

Totally digging my last minute gift and card for H's PreK Teacher's Birthday!
(Actual Teacher's Gift Bag pictured at the bottom)

Super cute for birthdays, baby showers, thank you's, etc!

Coordinating the fabric with your print on the vellum makes for great presentation!

Actual teacher gift! Sorry, took a picture last minute when I decided I LOVED my quick (last minute-procrastinator) idea! Not the best pic but I still wanted to share the ORIGINAL idea:)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Loving the chevron???? Here's another DIY chevron project!

P.S. Caught my little Bubba-do snuggling with his elephant lovey! Melts my heart!

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