DIY: Personalized Gift Card and Bag

I can be such a procrastinator... Not that things aren't important but I ALWAYS overestimate my time for a project. Like, "it'll only take me 20 minutes to do that so I'll get up early and take care of that..."
20 minutes = 40 minutes.... It's a mind game I play!

So, I needed to wrap up my daughter's Classroom PreK Gift from all the kiddos... She is an awesome lady by the way.. I knew I liked her when she was rockin' a Pinterest crayon wreath on Meet the Teacher night! {Sold - I know I like you} Superficial maybe, but not really..

I planned on sewing a cute chevron makeup bag to drop the gift cards in.. Remember 20=40 minutes... Didn't have 40 minutes.. I threw together a quick fabric bag and vellum birthday card with zero planning

Now, I must say - I'm Impressed with myself:) 

On top of this.... The computer and/or printer didn't fail me. It always seems that in crunch times (for me it's all the time) those stubborn minded gadgets get a little sassy with me!

Took a pic of the actual gift (located at the bottom) and then HAD to recreate this and show you how!

Keep reading to see how easy it is to print a card on vellum paper and wrap up your present!

Loving the personalized poems in each card! 

Shower Gift features a card saying, "Hugs & Kisses & Best Wishes"
Super cute poem on the second page!

Vellum Paper
Scissors or straight edge cutter
Hole Punch
Fabric (cut & sized to fit your gift)

If you aren't familiar with Picasa - you should be! Free and powered through Google. Amazing picture editing capability!

I like to take a picture of a fabric or print that coordinates with the gift.

Upload your image to Picasa.

Click Add Text. You can adjust placement, size, font, etc.

Several options to edit the image. Sepia, B/W, 1960's Cross Saturation. Lots of editing options to make these cards super unique.

Click Add Text again..

Click Museum Matte - It allows you to adjust the matte sizes and colors!
This is what makes the invitation look official.

Both printed below!

Now you have two pieces printed on vellum! 

Trim your invitation to your size preference. I like to leave a little edge for the look and adding twine or raffia.

Punch two holes for raffia bow.

String through from the back.

Tie a bow.

Trim extra and cut bow loops for a frayed appearance.

Picture of back vellum with print and poem with a double museum matte from Picasa

You can add an extra piece of vellum to keep the prints separate.

Coordinated the back poem page to match the fabric.

Now cut your 2 strips of coordinating fabric of your choice! Cut to fit your gift.

Fold over and hem one end of each piece (shortest length if you want a tall bag)

Both pieces hemmed.

Put pieces wrong side facing one another. 

Sew around the remaining 3 sides (leaving the hemmed pieces open for your bag).

Your bag! Fold right side out and iron

String twine through BACK of raffia and tie around gift bag.

Totally digging my last minute gift and card for H's PreK Teacher's Birthday!
(Actual Teacher's Gift Bag pictured at the bottom)

Super cute for birthdays, baby showers, thank you's, etc!

Coordinating the fabric with your print on the vellum makes for great presentation!

Actual teacher gift! Sorry, took a picture last minute when I decided I LOVED my quick (last minute-procrastinator) idea! Not the best pic but I still wanted to share the ORIGINAL idea:)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Loving the chevron???? Here's another DIY chevron project!

P.S. Caught my little Bubba-do snuggling with his elephant lovey! Melts my heart!

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  1. I love this!! SO CUTE! Thanks for the great idea!

    1. You're welcome:) Hope you can use this idea - it turns out so cute! Best, Katie

  2. How sweet, vellum always adds a nice touch. I love the chevron pattern. I'm your newest follower ;)

    1. Kristy, hugs for stopping by and following! I just love this vellum paper - glad I found it in my desk drawer! Made for a quick cute card. Have a great weekend, Katie

  3. What a special idea for giving glad that I came by and found it...thanks for sharing:)


    1. Linda, I'm so glad you came by and found it too:) Super personalized for a special gift! Have a great evening, Katie

  4. What a sweet and very special idea! I love this!

    1. It worked great for my friend's baby shower this weekend:) Thanks for visiting, Danielle.

  5. Now this is too cute! And way cool- I would have never thought of doing this! Thank you so so much for the step by step as well! WOW! I love the custom look!
    Great Job!

    1. I had to wing it for a teacher's gift and LOVED it:) Thanks for visiting! Hope you can use this idea too.

  6. What a great idea! I have a big pack of vellum that I've been meaning to do something with and this is GENIUS!

    1. I was in the same boat - leftover vellum! Now I'm hooked and need to buy more:) Have a great week!
      Best, Katie

  7. What a cute idea - great tutorial!

    1. Thank you:) It really turned out and now it'll be my go-to for cards! I'm not the best at remembering to buy a card. Thanks for visiting!

  8. I love this idea!! Great color choice too!

    Hi Katie,
    I'm your newest follower via the hop! ☺

  9. Love it! So very sweet! Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party.


  10. Adorable card showing your expressions and feeling for which it`s to be presented...lot of new ideas are generated in my mind after seeing this.....


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