Refurbishing an Old Picture Frame and Picture

Refurbishing an old picture frame and picture...

Ok, so I bought this large picture and thought maybe the tree scene would work as is..... Nope, it just looked a little too weathered. The corners of the picture were pealing away. The frame was nice and GOLD before I started getting my hands on it.

Below is after I first spray painted the frame cream. 

Then, I decided I was done with the tree scene and started thinking about what I could do next. I'm not a planner. I use what I have in the house or garage.

Took apart the backing...

Pulled out the only white can of paint on my garage shelf.

Kilz White Flat Paint

Had a foam roller on hand...Painted over the not-so-lovely scene (as shown below)...

I had bought a discounted sample can of gray paint. Definitely came in handy!

I freehanded a chevron pattern. Exactly, I said freehand - don't be too critical of my zigzags:))


The frame was way too monochromatic (as you can see in the first picture above) for my taste. I love worn and weathered pieces. I took the same sample gray can of paint from my chevron stripes and brushed a small amount up and down the frames carved detail. I then got a damp paper towel and wiped off the excess gray to my liking.

This chevron picture has been hung several different places around my house for months at I time.

 I finally repainted my guest bathroom and thought this my framed chevron picture was the perfect fit! 
I love this bathroom now!!

Yep, I'm still loving it......



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