Birth Story + 1 Week Post Pregnancy Belly Pics

Home Birth Story

I finally have a moment to sit down and reminisce about my home birth experience... I'm just going to jump right in so please, bare with me!

It was Sunday, the 9th of October around 6 o'clock in the evening. I had been at Walgreens rummaging through the hair and makeup sections...Killing time and trying to find some new lip gloss and what not. After I returned home and began cooking dinner, contractions started every 5 mins for approximately 30 seconds long. Through the evening and late night they continued till around 1 am and soon came to a stop. We chalked this up as false labor.

I told Daniel to head to work on Monday as I didn't have any more contractions that day. Tuesday rolled around and I had a ton of discomfort. Corbin had become very calm and I hadn't noticed much movement... I called Ruth, my midwife, and asked to stop by and check his heart rate.. Of course, he was just fine!

Later that Tuesday evening around 5:45, contractions started every 2-3 minutes for 45-60 seconds long.. I moved around the house trying every possible position to get comfortable. I just couldn't find that spot. I had Daniel stand up as I would drape my arms around his neck and did my best to BREATH through the contractions. We waited to call Ruth. I became sick to my stomach and lost it around 9:45 pm. We decided we would call Ruth to head over. She arrived sometime around 11 pm.  She checked and I was 1 cm dilated. Earlier in the week I was 100% effaced and waiting to start labor! Daniel and I continued through the whole night with contractions stopping and starting. I was climbing stairs and pacing the house to keep the contractions coming.

We woke Ruth up around 4 am on Wednesday morning to check my progress.... I was barely 2-3 cm dilated after ALL that work. I thought, "wow, all this work and nothing!" I then got my game face back on! She suggested lying down and taking a rest. Of course, lying down and resting is quite difficult while in labor. I couldn't understand how lying down would help me progress. I thought I needed to be a work horse and walk, climb stairs, and do whatever it took! However, I followed instruction and dozed off in between each contraction. They were coming every 4 minutes and lasted 30-60 seconds long. I woke up and wanted her to check my progress again. I was between a 4-5 around 6 or 7 am on Wednesday!!!! Yay, I just sat in a chair and did less work than ever and my body naturally progressed! I was pumped!

It was now Wednesday! I continued pacing the floors and climbing the stairs in my house. My contractions were strong but would fizzle out.. We just didn't know why. She suggested using the breast pump to help increase the amount of oxytocin. This would help my contractions start and intensify. It worked for awhile and then they would fade for a bit. My mom and I would go for a walk, go outside, climb up and down my deck stairs and lean on a chair when a contraction came. Work, work, work.... Later that evening, at 6 pm, Ruth checked my progress. I was only at a 6. So from early morning to 6 pm on Wednesday, I really hadn't progressed past 6 cm. We all jointly decided it was time to break my water and see if this would get things going. I knew I was now in a time frame for this labor to end. My contractions didn't immediately intensify. They were still coming and going. Daniel finally took a cat nap Wednesday night. My mom and I headed out for a walk around 12:30 am. I found the steepest driveways and walked up and down through my contractions. I was willing to do whatever it took to bring on these contractions.. I was even begging and praying to God to bring them on strong and hard! I knew we had to get this done and it was up to Him! I later sat down in my chair and labored through the CRAZY strong contractions till early morning! I had her check and I was a good 8-9 cm dilated. I kept going, trying to keep my rhythm of breathing and moaning (yes, moaning and yelling is inevitable!) Poor Daniel had to endure the terrible noises for days. I went from the birthing stool, to the bed, to the chair, and to the toilet! I finally got comfortable sitting backwards on the toilet. Yes, I said toilet! Ruth rubbed my back and hips through all the pain as I sat backwards on the toilet with a pillow under my head. At last I was a 10 at 5 am on Thursday morning!!!!!!

Thursday morning the pushing began! We knew it was going to be a long haul due to the fact that I had a c-section and this was like my first vaginal birth. Also, my pubic bone is flat and I have a pronounced tailbone. I pushed from 5 am - 10 am. I pushed in bed, I squatted, I pushed on the birthing stool. We were doing everything to get this little guy out! We worked, I worked...He just couldn't get out of there! At one point I told Ruth I couldn't see straight. My face and eyes were so swollen from bearing down and pushing.

I think it was around 9:45 am. I looked at everyone and said, "I don't know how much longer I can do this..." That was the first time during this marathon labor and pushing that it entered my mind. I didn't want to say it but my body had reached it's max and mentally I was so exhausted from lack of sleep since Tuesday. All my midwives, Daniel and my mom included were exhausted. They had stuck by my side and were my biggest fans. I couldn't have asked for a better support team. Although I couldn't do much more I didn't want to get in a car and have to push until we got to a hospital. I knew once I got to a hospital I was going to have a c-section.......

My PRAYERS were answered! Ruth replied to me and said, "I've called my certified nurse midwives at Hillcrest. They've agreed to take you and perform a vacuum assist delivery. We don't even have to wait!!!!" Ruth had saved her special connection for me:)  FYI: all other hospitals do NOT allow VBAC's. They will automatically perform a c-section) You don't understand how my heart felt. All along Ruth had told me I would have a c-section if we transferred to the hospital...... I ABSOLUTELY did not want another c-section unless that was the only way. After Ruth told me we could go, I jumped out of bed saying, "lets go, who's taking me, who's going with me, let's go, let's go!" Everyone grabbed what they could. I could barely walk, had the most gosh awful nightgown on and a face the size of a balloon. Daniel hopped in Ruth's car and she sat in the back seat with me while I had the urge to push. She knew how to talk me through it. With one foot on the door, I couldn't resist the urge to push.. The pain and sensations were so overtaking. We went from 101st and Yale to Hillcrest.. Longest drive ever! We pulled up and I had a contraction in the valet area, then on the elevator and once I got to the labor and delivery floor! I walked myself in.. My rear hurt so bad there was no possible way I could sit in a wheelchair.

As the elevator doors opened onto the labor and delivery floor, I had a group of Angels waiting just for me! It was the most amazing feeling. The doctor, nurse midwives and staff were there just for me. We walked into the room. I got on the table. We were all relaying the past 72 hours to the staff. They had me push and said, "we can deliver him, he's right there!" Ruth calmly said, "this is were she's been for the past two hours." They had me push 3 more contractions and confirmed he wasn't coming. Dr. Cunningham got out the vacuum and we got to pushing. I pushed 3 times and he was stuck under my pubic bone. His heart rate dropped to nearly nothing for the first time... They said go ahead and push even though you're not having a contraction. I did and FINALLY, Baby Corbin was put on my chest!! Daniel started crying (don't tell) and I was saying, "thank you for not cutting me open." No one but my husband, family, and midwives quite understand my desire and drive to not have a c-section.. I thanked GOD over and over! I thanked the staff over and over! It was a success!

I did do a lot of damage down there but I was still grateful for not having my stomach sliced open again. I had a 4th degree tear with an episiotomy and rectal mucosal with sphincter. Just to summarize, that means ouchie in the rear area! I just started to walk normal this week:) Feeling much better! So happy I got what I wanted and that's all that matters.

*** At no point was my blood pressure and Corbin's heart rate out of "normal" range. Him and I were closely monitored by my amazing midwives, Ruth, Brandi, and Sarah.

Daniel is the most amazing husband like I already knew. He really came through for me and supported me till the final push! He wanted me to be successful just as much as I did! Because of this long process, we are closer than ever and our family is now complete! We thank God every day for our beautiful family and all our blessings that have come.

Baby C's Arrival!

1 day old 

1 day old
Ruth, Sarah, and Brandi with Baby Corbin

4 days old
1week 4 days

Post Pregnancy Belly Pictures

Here goes nothing! I haven't been able to exercise yet! Hopefully everything starts to heal and I'll be back to working out soon. 

My final pregnancy weight was 165. I'm now 147. My pre-pregnancy weight was 138. My normal weight is generally around 130-134. Whichever way you slice it, I have 10-15 pounds to lose....

Poor belly button is trying to come back! Crossing my fingers:)

Hope you enjoyed my story! Some details were left out but that is a pretty good summary for all that were interested in my home birth! I wouldn't trade my experience for anything in the world. And of course, my little boy is so special! Glad I went through that to get him here safe and sound. We love him so much. He is the perfect piece to complete our family.

We want to say thank you to all of our supportive family, friends, and midwives. It made our decision to home birth so enjoyable!


P.S. I apologize for my punctuation and any other grammatical errors! I'm definitely not an English major:)


  1. You did it!! Your story made me cry!! I'm so happy for you guys and I can't wait to meet Corbin!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I am so glad things went your way this time and you are able to enjoy Hudson, Corbin and Daniel without recovering from a c-section.

    Congrats on your cute little family!

  3. I'm so happy to read this!!! You've got me motivated for my second to be at home too! I can't tell you enough how happy I am for all of you and how proud of you I am!!! You are my hero, superwoman friend and I think you look aHAmazing!


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