Deals at Discount Stores

This was a steal of a deal!
Ok, so if you don't know me other than my name, then you should know my middle name is Ross....errr.... never mind!

It's not Ross but it should be. There is not enough room on this blog for me to list the number of A-MA-Zing deals I've found at discount stores. My house is packed full of special discount treasures. I get sick to my stomach if I'm standing in line and about to buy something full price. It is non-sense to spend full price on just about anything... Now I understand there are a few exclusions but, in general, no one should ever pay full price - if you need help, I should be your personal shopper. It would still be cheaper to hire me than to pay FULL price:)) Kidding but not really.

I think I need to post Discount Store Treasures {at least} once a week! Here's a pretty sweet find!

I scored a pack of 50 Decorative Paper Placemats. The deal was $4.99. Yep, I just can't wait to pull these suckers out and use em'!  Placemats are made by StudioOh! The quality was GREAT! Thick and withheld C eating juicy peaches for dinner. Unfortunately, the placemats are only sold wholesale and I didn't spend the time trying to find retailers... I saw a link that priced these originally at $19.99...Not a bad deal!
50 Paper Placemats

After I couldn't find those directly from StudioOh store, I resorted to good ol' Etsy!

I found these darling paper placemats. These placemats are to die for! I want all of these!!!!!!!!

Set of 50 - Paper Petals Shop
Family Reunion Placemats! Love this!

Cut them to fit food and wine trays! That's even better!

When my 50 pack for $4.99 runs out, I think I'll have to purchase some from Paper Petals Shop! 




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