Embracing Me

As a little girl, I drug my inherited-four-post-antique white-Ethan Allen bed, vanity,and dresser back and forth and all over my itty bitty room. That poor bed. I felt terrible for the pain I put it through. Once I reached high school, I tugged so hard that one of the posts finally split away from the railing.... Very sad day...... The days of pushing, shoving, and nudging that darn four post bed were over...That meant no more room rearranging. My parents had to be secretly happy.

I took pride in redecorating my room and spent hours doing it. Collage clippings from SEVENTEEN magazine draped my walls, a floral mural I painted was behind the door, cute candles and knickknacks from shops around town were  so perfectly arranged on top of my boom box; one of my favorites - a large toy purple beetle bug car. Some of my most treasured memories as a child were times of just hanging out in my room.

I've always liked to change things up. I never buy the same product twice. Maybe not..never but rarely! I can't even buy the same hair conditioner twice. I love to try news things all across the board. New home decor, new styles, new cosmetic products, new anything. I like to try all my options at least once!

What I am trying to get at is how much I love change! Change in terms of taste, decor, design, style and life.

Quotes from friends and family: "Katie, you re-did this room. Was that picture always there? Katie, you've moved things around. Katie, is that a new couch (nope just moved it from one room to another)? Honey, where's the blue chair? Honey, I really like that table you made but where did the other one go? What craft are you doing upstairs? I thought you were sewing pillows not quilts. I thought you wanted modern and now you want traditional....?"

I'm sure our Elf that visits at Christmas won't know where he is or even where to sit - that darn wreath he nested in last year is gone!! Gone, gone!

I know this all sounds random. And, well.....it is random. Imagine my husband and check card trying to keep up with my plethora of ideas, crafts, and flat-out constant changing of ideas....Some would say I'm fickle. <-----Yep, all fingers are pointing to fickle!

I'm convinced I have something wrong with me - no joke! Not trying to be funny but my ideas change constantly. I can't stick with one idea for longer than a day because I love such an array of things.  I describe myself as good at a lot of things but not a master at one!

You'll soon find out more about me, my decorating sense, my style, my design ideas, and my unorthodox way of living life.  

Embracing me - myself - and I! Also, passing great products, ideas, and tutorials on to you!

Clean, simple, chic, and bright with a love for everything warm, rugged, and worn.
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