The Cheapest Mason Jar

Ok... Have you wondered where everyone is getting dozens of cute Mason Jars???

Maybe you have even pinned a few Mason Jar crafts like Mason Jar Cake, Mason Jar Mix, Mason Jar Candles, Mason Jars Spray Painted.. The list goes on!

This may not be news to you but it was news to me when my friend, Mac started her collection. One night at dinner, she had her 'Fabulous as Always' table set with chargers, plates, napkins, and Mason Jar glasses! I was instantly in love  and so was my hubby {who loves to drink out of BIG MAN glasses}!

Yep, Mason Jars are feminine yet serve as BIG MAN cups! The most quintessential glass out there.

Perfect for everyone's preference.

So, I'm sure you're wondering "The Cheapest Mason Jar??"

Do you eat spaghetti? Do you eat spaghetti at least monthly, weekly.... maybe daily? Not so much daily but, you get where I'm going with this.

Secret #1: Buy CLASSICO spaghetti sauce next time you go to the store.. Yep, they use REAL mason jars! Isn't that just a dandy little tidbit!?

Secret #2: The CLASSICO sauces come in 2 sizes; small and large.

Large Collection of Mason Jars
Mason Jar Collection
Love these little guys. My small glasses are dirty but I have some ready to go!
I have completed my large collection and I am working on my small collection; slowly phasing out my old drinking glasses.

P.S. I have yet to eat a bad CLASSICO sauce!

1. Go buy some Classico
2. Eat some spaghetti {or dump it down the drain, we won't ever know:)}
3. Rinse out jar
4. Soak jar/jars in soapy water 5-10 minutes
5. Peel off label
6. Use scrubby brush to get remaining adhesive off - it comes off super easy
7. Dry off and put away
8. Have a party just so you can brag about your secret!

Thank you, MacKenzie for passing on the secret and for broadening my horizons! I love crafty and thrifty chics like you!

The Daily Grind
With the weather s.l.o.w.l.y changing, Bubba-do had no pants, socks, or shoes for cooler days ahead.  I said to the store employee, "I think we are all in a trance from the 115 degree heat. I didn't realize it'll be in the 60's at night this coming week."

I had another day of FREEDOM {no kiddos} and I had to take care of that! Here's what Bubba-do is stylin' this Fall!
Skinny Jeans and Gray Kicks!
He LOVED the rain! Found him talking to the window.

P.S.P.S I do not claim to be a journalist, English major, or punctuation nazi. However, I try my best to be grammatically correct while refusing to take Comp 1 all over again! Please embrace my flaws:) Thanks for being a reader! 


P.S. I'm linked to I should be mopping the floor!


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