Which is the Best Coffee Table for my Living Room?

As you know (if you've read previous posts), I LOVE change. We moved into our new family home back in 2010. The house was built in 1973, which comes with lots of contemporary architecture both good and bad..... The bones of the house are great but the superficial interior of the house are less than desired.

With that said, we moved and I decided to sell everything that was Pottery Barn-ish from our first family home *tears and sniffles*..Why????? Yep, I'm asking myself that same question.

I thought a contemporary 70's home should have a more modern flare on the interior. Someday I'll post a pic of the exterior and you'll know what I'm saying:)

I replaced furniture, light fixtures, cabinet hardware, etc.

Two years later - I'm kicking myself {too death}!

I've been stocking Overstock.com's furniture section. Overstock seems to have some of the greatest styles available for a reasonable price. However, I have yet to order but my "Shopping Cart" remains full! If you've purchased online from them, I'd love to hear your experience and see your great bargain! Please post a link so I can snoop around your home:)

So, little C and I are shopping buddies.. I mean shopping buddies like, tight shopping buddies! (pointer and middle finger crossed like when we were 'tight' in middle school, like BFF!

Bubba-do (which is his nickname) and I headed up to our local furniture store. I'll preface it by saying, I have never walked in there and found more than one item I'd like to buy. It seems they are always a step behind. Yes, we do live and Oklahoma...... I tend to stick with thrift stores and such.

BUT, this time was different ~ 2 hrs later I had come to a decision. 

Bubba-do got to stroll around in a red beep-beep cart while I wavered and walked round and round... He had offered every salesman a bite of his Rice Husk but yet no one offered me a free piece of furniture????? Isn't he cute enough to give me some of your furniture?? I mean, come on people! Wish I had a pic to do his cuteness some justice.

Here were my options.. Disregard the carpets and couches. Those tend to make awesome furniture look LAME, especially in the pictures below.

Which one do you think I'll pick??


Which coffee table did I pick.................????







In love with my coffee table! Went with the "what would the hubby want" decision and I must say, I'm diggin' it!

My "what would Katie pick" choice would have been #6. 

By the way, I'm constantly working on this large wall.  It has my decorator sense stumped. The ceiling peaks to 20 feet and has wood plank ceilings - which are beautiful. But, this wall is UGLY! It has had sooooooooo many puncture wounds. Lucky for my husband, I hang everything and patch the holes too:) One positive about him NOT doing the handy work inside!

That wall is a constant work in progress...........................  Suggestions please!

I'll post the final room makeover once it's complete!


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