Little Mister Mustache Baby Shower

I wanted to include a few posts about my most memorable moments this past year........ My talented crafting gal pals planned a Pinterest worthy Little Mister Baby Shower for my little guy. The shower was phenomenal!

Mustache Cupcake Toppers, Mustache Invitations, Black and White Chevron Table Runner, and Chocolate Mustache Party Favors....Needless to say, I was speechless.  The food was delicious! Our little mister arrived October 13, 2011.  

Little Mister Diaper Cake
Mustache Cupcakes
Tie & Suspenders Onesie

Mustache Onesie for the Little Man
Chocolate Mustache Party Favors
Mustache Cupcake: Gray Straws, Houndstooth Cupcake Liners
Bow Tie Cookies for the Little Mister
Chevron Table Runner with LIme and Daisy Floral Arrangemen 
Mustache Cupcake Topper
Little Mister Bingo Cards and Wish Lists


  1. nice work...I loved your house the couple times I came over w put together. mine is a little more chaotic:) I will follow along, especially if you can can help me style my life;)

    1. Hi Candace! Glad you stopped by:) I am so intrigued by what you do! I always read yours. However, I need to head over and return the favor and follow. You are apparently awesome at what you do. Hope you guys are doing well! Thanks again:)

    2. Candice- I apologize for the initial mispelling of your name! My 10 month old is driving me bonkers tonight;)

  2. I have seen these mustaches one of the baby shower and it looks so wonderful.
    Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower

  3. Such a pretty theme! It would be a suitable idea for my niece’s baby shower that I am going to host soon. I would be hosting a surprise party for her on next weekend at one of most popular garden Los Angeles event venues.


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