Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Refinishing a Baby Changing Table

Looking back through the past year or so, I stumbled across these pics. Had to share! I like this idea too.

Since I love crafts and transformations, I thought I'd share this little gem! I frequent local thrift stores. Usually I buy nothing but occasionally I do! The changing table was initially $36... I waited and went back with my mom. One of those trips when we were on a mission to get things done! We dropped by the thrift store and it was marked down to $19! SOLD! {As you can see in the background, we shoved another shelving unit in my SUV too! Couldn't pass up a good deal.} More pics to come on refinishing that treasure.

The kiddo's bedrooms are upstairs. There was no way in heck I was hiking up and down stairs all hours of the day/night to do potty business so this little gem remained in our master bedroom.

As you can see by the pics, it was quite worn on the top surfaces. Yikes! Parts had water damage and crumbled once the white paint hit the surface particle board.
Old Changing Table
After sanding, I painted the wood white with Kilz primer/paint and cut contact paper to fit the 3 tiers. Perfect!
Green Striped Contact Paper
All done and ready for baskets!
White Changing Table with Contact Paper
H showing the finished changing table for Baby C!
Changing Table with Baskets, Ready to Go!
This has been one of my most valuable household baby items for the last 11 months!


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